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Offshore Bank Accounts

Requirements to open an offshore bank account vary by bank, but generally the following documentation is required, as in Belize: 1) Notarized copy of your passport; 2) Bank reference letter from a bank with which you have had banking relations with for at least two years; 3) Professional reference letter from your attorney or accountant with whom you have at least a two year relationship; 4) Original or notarized copy of your utility bill or bank or credit card statement reflecting your name and residential address. These documentation requirements are common practice with financial institutions and in other financial relationships today worldwide, and are commonly referred to as “KYC” or “Know Your Customer” policies. In the case of U.S. financial institutions, positive identification of all customers is a legal requirement by the U.S. government.


KYC information is maintained in strict confidence by Barber Financial Advisors, and is only releasable subject to a Canadian court order. Likewise, all foreign financial institutions, and other offshore financial service providers with whom we do business, are bound to strict secrecy laws of their respective country. That is why Barber Financial Advisors, only conducts business with countries with strict secrecy laws, the best of which are identified as T-8 tax havens.

Expedite Service

All orders received by Barber Financial Advisors, are processed immediately and until such time as the service(s) are fully performed. The time frame for various services that we offer will vary by financial institution and other offshore service providers with whom we work closely. Once our client’s information and supporting documentation is in place as required, the time frame for opening a bank account or incorporating an offshore corporation is ten business days. We will be in on-going communication with you during the process. If any questions arise or additional information is required to fulfill your request/order, we will contact you at once. Corporate documents will be delivered to you by international courier service anywhere in the world at no additional charge.

Personalized Service

You will receive personalized service from a expert company representative whenever you require more information, have questions, or wish to proceed. Please call 604-657-8689.