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Offshore Evaluation Service (OES)

Barber Financial Advisors, offers a popular and unique service, the Offshore Evaluation Service (OES),which takes the mystery out of going offshore and provides clients with customized evaluations based on their current situation. Clients complete a six-page OES questionnaire, which the company evaluates and then presents clients with reliable offshore information addressing their particular areas of interest and concern and making recommendations regarding offshore financial services, reputable professionals, and offshore financial institutions.

Further suggestions are offered in areas that may be of interest to clients that are recommended for more thorough investigation. OES clients are given professional referrals to the experts they may require in their specialized fields. This service can save clients thousands of dollars and much time, and guide them quickly to the offshore solutions that would serve them best.

By using the services of OES, clients can avoid inaccurate and unreliable information and services often touted offshore.

The OES covers:

  • Banks
  • Banking services
  • Investments
  • Investment services
  • Financial, tax, and estate planning
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Offshore citizenship programs
  • Offshore business and e-commerce
  • Tax havens
  • Foreign real estate investment
  • Expatriating
  • Tax problems
  • Professionals
  • Economic influences
  • And more

The fee to engage this service is US $795.. The turn around time for the evaluation is approximately two weeks. In the event that we have questions regarding the completed questionnaire, we will contact you as may be required for further information or clarification.

Highly recommended.
Note: A full credit of $795 shall be extended to any client who engages the Offshore Evaluation Service toward future purchase of any of our offshore services offered on this website.

Please telephone our Vancouver, B.C. office Telephone 604-657-8689 for further information.