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The Complete Economical Offshore Business Package!

Offshore Tax-Free e-Commerce Business

The Economical Offshore Business Package has everything you need to get started today and to be operating your new or existing business offshore within just a few weeks. Here’s what is included in this package, priced at $4,495.00:

  1. A Belize International Business Corporation (IBC): Documents and Corporate Maintenance Services:

    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Memorandum of Association (Articles of Incorporation)
    • Articles of Association (Bylaws)
    • Other relevant corporate documents
    • First year government fees paid
    • Share Certificates (Stock Certificates)
    • Share Capital up to US $50,000.
    • First year Registered Agent services
    • First year Registered Office services (only in the event of service of legal process – not office service or communication services)

  2. A Corporate Bank Account with a reputable Belize bank, if desired, including online banking, debit cards, Visa or MasterCard prepaid credit cards, and a choice of currencies.

  3. First Year Corporate Virtual Office and Communication Services as follows:

    • Local Telephone Number answered by an experienced person
    • Voicemail telephone answering after hours and retrievable messages
    • Local prestigious business address including suite number
    • Use of your business address for company letterheads, business cards, literature and communications
    • Mail/courier package receipt notification via e-mail
    • Forwarding of regular mail and courier deliveries via courier or postal service per your instructions
    • Telephone messages will be forwarded at once via e-mail
    • Telephone can be forwarded to your cellular number (at customary telephone rates), if desired
    • Domain address from a Belize domain provider with email addresses
    • Introduction to a reputable internet host and server located in tax-free Belize (Services subject to change)

  4. Hong Kong Brokerage account and/or Cook Islands multi-currency and investment account in the name of your new IBC.

    • Diversity and Opportunity: Expand your offshore business activities, trading and/or investments to one or two more T-8 tax havens with among the best bank secrecy legislation in the world.
    • These excellent accounts will also be in the name of your IBC for maximum protection and privacy
    • Other financial accounts and jurisdictions available