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New Foreign Citizenship and Passport & New Permanent Residency

Offshore Bank Accounts and Offshore Precious Metals Accounts

We assist clients with opening a variety of personal and corporate bank accounts and precious metals accounts in the countries listed below, and more. These countries offer the greatest secrecy in banking anywhere in the world and provide maximum asset protection.

Today, many foreign banks require a referral from a professional before they will consider a new applicant and often a personal visit is necessary. And many foreign banks and other financial institutions will not do business with U.S. citizens. The banks we work with have more flexible requirements and are very solid banking institutions within their individual countries.

By engaging our services, you will avoid these obstacles, and you will be banking and investing in the best money havens available today. Account processing times vary from bank to bank, but once all required documentation is ready to submit, generally an account can be opened and ready in approximately two weeks. Please refer to Offshore Financial Services Ordering Information for more details regarding our service.

Please enquire for further information on accounts in the following jurisdictions, and more:

  • Belize
  • Cook Islands
  • Nevis
  • Potential other jurisdictions for your specific entity and scenario; enquire

Banking requirements and account opening services are subject to change without notice. Currencies fluctuate daily and are subject to current exchange rates for accuracy in computing equivalent values.

Refer to Offshore Financial Services Price List.

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