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Hoyt Barber is a private international consultant with expertise as an international entrepreneur and twelve-time published author for 40 years (refer to his Bibliography here) and an offshore financial consultant for 30 years.

Mr. Barber has an overview of many topics and unique strategies which many domestic professional advisors do not possess or are outside their field or jurisdiction.

On a limited basis, he will consult with the mission to problem-solve, and provide the highest and best advise to come to a logical and solid resolution for the client.

From years of experience, Mr. Barber has learned that most “problems” or situations needing the right expertise can be resolved fairly quickly, normally with 2-3 hours of his time. Economy and effectiveness are his goals.

If you feel Mr. Barber may be able to assist, please feel free to send him an email to is a well-designed and encrypted email service out of Switzerland which some clients prefer to use for privacy reasons, and we can communicate either encrypted or not, as you prefer if we use this address.

Mr. Barber requests that you provide an inquiry of one to two pages, addressing your scenario and your reasons for seeking his advice. In response, he will let you know if it’s a matter he can effectively help you with, or he may also respond with questions to better assist in his initial response to you.

Mr. Barber’s consulting time is priced at US $1,000 per hour, and as stated from experience, most situations can be properly and fully addressed within 2-3 hours. Thus, his advance retainer of US $2,500 is based on this period of time. Should any additional consulting time be required, this will be charged at US $750 an hour and based on your individual circumstance, Mr. Barber will estimate the amount of additional time required.

We welcome your inquiry and any questions about this service. You may also wish to review our Offshore Evaluation Service here.

For further information on Hoyt Barber and his books, please visit here