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Benefits of an International Business Corporation

The IBC is the most versatile offshore business entity providing great flexibility to its owners, even more than typically found in corporations from states like Nevada, Wyoming and Delaware.

This type of company can be characterized in general with only minor exceptions from one tax haven to another. In the case of the principal tax havens where Barber Financial Advisors establishes IBC’s for clients, Belize, Nevis, and the Cook Islands are the preferred tax havens specifically for this purpose. Although Panama does not offer an IBC, their offshore corporation offers similar outstanding advantages. Refer to “The Panama Corporation” on this web site for further benefits of these attractive tax havens.

Benefits of an IBC:

  • No exchange controls
  • No corporate income or other taxes
  • Bearer shares are optional but not recommended, and usually they are subject to being held by an approved custodian.
  • Only one director or shareholder required; may be the same person, (except in Panama).
  • Swift change of officers, directors and shareholders without special consent
  • A managing director may be appointed to handle day-to-day business
  • Shares with par value maybe denominated in any currency
  • A director may be a corporation, minimizing personal liability (another offshore corporation would be ideal to serve this purpose)
  • Shareholders and directors may give unanimous consent, without a meeting, through use of a proxy
  • No local directors or shareholders required
  • Telephonic board meetings acceptable
  • Re-domicile with ease, in or out of the tax haven
  • Conduct any kind of legal business (some activities, such as banking, will require a license)
  • No par value shares are optional
  • Limited personal liability
  • Attractive to foreign investors
  • Useful in offshore estate and family planning
  • Easy transfer of ownership; no permission required
  • Centralized management
  • Greater benefits to corporate owners than their onshore counterparts receive
  • Maximum privacy for business activities
  • Utilize for personal benefits, privacy and tax reduction purposes
  • Transfer corporate tax liability to a no-tax jurisdiction and avoid business taxes altogether
  • Excellent asset protection benefits; bullet-proof yourself
  • Shareholders are not public record, except in Panama where use of nominees are therefore recommended
  • Directors in Belize and Nevis are not public record (use nominees in Panama)
  • Nominee directors and shareholders are available (at extra cost); provides another layer of privacy; continue to act on behalf of the corporation as an attorney-in-fact with an unlimited (do virtually anything legal on behalf of the corporation) or limited power-of-attorney granted to you by the board of directors. This is more cumbersome, however it does provide another layer of privacy
  • Shares may be paid up in cash or through the transfer of other assets or for other consideration
  • Minimum paid in and issued capital may be one share which is fully paid
  • There is no requirement for any financial statement, accounts or records to be kept, but corporate records may be maintained anywhere in the world
  • Government regulations and fees are minimal
  • No limitations on nationality, citizenship or residency of directors and shareholders
  • Generally must operate only outside the tax haven of incorporation, with non-residents or non-local corporations, with the exception of engaging local banking, financial and other professional services for the corporation, and other business support services, such as secretarial services, holding corporate meetings, and maintaining an office to create a local presence and communication base from which to do business outside of the tax haven.
  • E-commerce offshore business supported
  • Offshore business activities are encouraged, and their tax haven status guarded
  • Go global! Perfect corporate vehicles for conducting business and making investments anywhere in the world
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